"There's No Place Like Anywhere but Here"
Carnival Literary Magazine Vol. 2

"An Echo of Spindly Legs"
Menacing Hedge Winter 2013

"Discovering Fire"
Glass: A Journal of Poetry Vol. 5 Issue #2

"What Goes Up, Finds Its Way Back Down"
Black Heart Magazine April 2013

"Scalpel Fingers" AND "In Wolf's Clothing"
Underneath the Juniper Tree Spring 2013 Issue

Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue #14

"Ashes and Snowflakes"
Underneath the Juniper Tree December 2013 Issue

"Bridge of Air, Bridge of Silk"
Goreyesque Issue #2

Menacing Hedge Fall 2014

"Under the Volcano"
Black Heart Magazine September 2014

"On Safari"
Carnival Literary Magazine Winter 2014



"Feels Like Home Front"
Mosaic Literary Magazine #51

"Famous Last Words"
Black & White Winter 2012 Vol. 1 #4

"Black and White and Red All Over"
Sanitarium Issue #27

"An Egg of Stone and Steel"
Sanitarium Issue #39


"An Egg of Stone and Steel"
Performed by Kristin Holland