Cover Art by Sam Wolfe Connelly

Cover Art by Sam Wolfe Connelly

The Art of Bloodletting


After a strenuous training camp, Lorelei “The Lance” Didion is prepared to defend her championship title in front of a sold-out crowd. But before she steps in the cage, her and a few close friends decide to spend a week at the Zhong Kui Inn and Spa to recharge their batteries. What was once a monastery has been renovated into a luxury resort—but dark secrets have spun their webs in the cracks behind the new paint and plaster.

Inside, they’re greeted by the Innkeeper. She’s intelligent, ready to tend to their every desire—and is an undercover harvester for the Triads. With her companion, a warrior who keeps his face hidden behind an ancient dragon mask, they begin their task of collecting the entourage’s organs to sell on the Red Market.

The only way for Lorelei to survive is to fight—what she was born to do. But what will happen when she comes up against violence far deeper than anything she’s ever experienced?


"Why should I read the script for a kung fu movie? Well, Stephen Williams pummels your stupid question into submission with The Art Of Bloodletting, a chopsocky-slasher that I read in one go."

-Adam Cesare, The Con Season and Video Night


"I really enjoyed The Art of Bloodletting. It reads like a modern-day Shaw Brothers film--gore, gangsters, mysterious women, martial arts, and badass ladies kicking serious butt. Descriptions were so vivid, I look forward to seeing it on the big screen."

-Colleen Wanglund, reviewer, and author of Fukushuu: Damaged Woman of Violence